Take control of the conversation about your company.

If you don’t, who will?

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Brand Development

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Whether you want to improve sales, opinion, awareness, donations or cooperation, brand development is not a luxury, it is a must. Simply, your brand is defined by what they think about you. They can be customers, competitors, the press – pretty much anyone. There are 3 critical aspects…

Custom App/Web Development

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The Web is the great equalizer in business – and one of the most powerful ways you can compete effectively. The magic is capitalizing on this space so it motivates your audience to do what you really want. Understanding why a site should be built and for whom is the only way to do that successfully.

Comprehensive Marketing

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Effective brand development is about building success on top of success. With proper brand direction (as a guide) and the right web strategy (as a content platform), the next step is to develop the best messages and deliver them with the tools that get those messages in front your audience.
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1-800-QUIT-NOW | App. Dev.

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Summary: The QUIT NOW tool was designed for the Wellness Council of Indiana to guide organizations through implementation of a workplace tobacco policy. The objective is to increase employee awareness and utilization of the free service. The easy-to-use tools provided evidence-based information and best-practices that was used to design policy implementation. See the entire Case Study

AcuityES | Brand Development

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Summary: Among it’s long-term clients, AcuityES is the go-to provider for proven, innovative, efficient, smart solutions. However, business development for the company was limited because the brand was so tied to the strength of its founder. The company had to change the way potential targets perceived AcuityES as a company, while leveraging the reputation of the founder. See the entire Case Study

Stephanie Arne | Brand Dev.

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Summary: Stephanie has what it takes to be a nationally recognized ‘celebrity’ in the fields of environmentalism, conservation and zoology. As the host of the MUTUAL OF OMAHA’s WILD KINGDOM Arne has a moderate level of exposure as an interesting voice. The credibility the show’s name invokes, was the key to her success. See the entire Case Study

Interventional Physicians of IN | Marketing & Comm.

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Summary: The sales issue is self-evident: elective procedures are being squeezed out in the current economic and political climate. Too many providers and too few paying patients are creating an environment where growth is difficult; The objective is to increase market share. See the entire Case Study
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