Boy Scouts of America | Comprehensive Marketing

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Summary: For over a century, the Scouting brand has been recognized as the premier not-for-profit provider of youth leadership development programs. In recent decades, the family unit has shifted and America’s youth face new demands for their time and attention. Full Comprehensive Marketing case study

Lambda Chi Alpha | Comprehensive Marketing

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Summary: Known as one of the top greek organizations in the country, Lambda Chi Corporate faces the challenge of communicating with multiple audiences with a wide variety of messages. The organization needed to increase positive “touches” in ways that both undergrads and alumni would consume. Comprehensive Marketing Initiatives case study

Stephanie Arne | Brand Dev.

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Summary: Stephanie has what it takes to be a nationally recognized ‘celebrity’ in the fields of environmentalism, conservation and zoology. As the host of the MUTUAL OF OMAHA’s WILD KINGDOM Arne has a moderate level of exposure as an interesting voice. The credibility the show’s name invokes, was the key to her success. Full Brand Development case study

AcuityES | Brand Dev.

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Summary: Among it’s long-term clients, AcuityES is the go-to provider for proven, innovative, efficient, smart solutions. However, business development for the company was limited because the brand was so tied to the strength of its founder. The company had to change the way potential targets perceived AcuityES, while leveraging the reputation of the founder. Full Brand Development case study

1-800-QuitNow | Custom Application Development.

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Summary: The QUIT NOW Tool was designed for the Wellness Council to guide organizations through a two-pronged approach for the successful implementation of a workplace tobacco policy. This engagement is designed to increase employee awareness and utilization of this free service. Full Application Development case study

Interventional Physicians of Indiana | Marketing & Comm.

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Summary: Too many providers and too few paying patients are creating an environment where growth is difficult; The objective is to increase market share. The strategy is to attract more / better leads via consistent, valued content on the Web and in social media. Full Marketing & Communications case study
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