What’s your game plan for brand strategy in 2020? It’s easy to jump on the latest, shiniest marketing tools and trends, but to earn the big wins in 2020, you need to MATTER to your targets. How does that work?

Do you know your audience? You have to know how your targets think, feel and act. Get inside their head and figure out what they NEED from you vs what you OFFER.

Do you have a plan? Create a clear vision for how you want to communicate your brand in 2020. Set measurable action steps. Having a real strategy clears the clutter of mixed messages and purposes. Losing focus is usually where brands lose their impact. Plan the work, work the plan.

Do you have a team to do all this? It’s one thing to know what needs done … it’s quite another to have the right people in place. Make sure you have the right thinking and execution team in place to bring it all together.

Look … whether you need a full scale brand redevelopment or simply need to step up from where you are now, decide NOW. Your audience – and sadly competitors – aren’t going to wait for you to figure it out. If you need help, get FUEL VM involved. We’ve done this dozens – hundreds – of times. We know what it takes to do it all correctly, efficiently and effectively. For one example, check out our recent branding work with Play ON Training, a youth sports training concept and the results of personalized, consistent messaging. See it here.

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