So what is *content marketing* and how does it work? The traditional sales / advertising paradigms have evolved, your methods and process should follow suit. Large advertising campaigns are sugar highs jolting users with your brand message only for them to burn out and move to a new company’s sugar filled campaign. Content marketing is a full nutritional marketing meal that is an integral part of a long and healthy life for your brand messaging,

Before we begin talking about anything, we must begin with the audience. Understanding your audience is key for a few reasons. We need to communicate to the audience in the way they whish to be communicated to, otherwise we end up in trash folder or just plain ignored. We also need to ensure that we are differentiating from the competition that we are not simply repeating things that are already being screamed at them by fellow marketers and communicators.

From a sales point of view the concept is based on giving the user content that connects them to your company’s brand. Giving the user content, that is helpful to their daily lives, begins the process of building a valued connection between the user and your brand.

Content can simply be defined as anything that is contained within something. Fuel generally leverages creative mediums such as: video, motion graphics, social media, blog entries, and traditional design as the tools to communicate our client’s content.

Call to Action
Once the content has been created we leverage a call to action to return the investment on the creation of the content. After all if we aren’t solving a business problem we are wasting our time.  A solid call to action becomes your brand’s voice, asking them to give back to you through an action.

      • Call to Actions can direct user to your website which prompts them to look at your products.
      • Call to actions can prompt users to donate at a specific location.
      • Call to Actions could be simply to spread the word about your services throughout the digital world with Social media.
      • At it’s simplest form a call to action can prompt user to buy your product. 
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