All good CREATIVE work starts with STRATEGY.
Defined purpose allows for measuring impact.

Connecting in a meaningful way with your target audience is difficult work. Having the right expertise to navigate that process makes all the difference. The terms and tools may have changed over the years, but the need for CREATIVE thought will always be a key to reaching any potential buyer or donor.

If marketing could be done with a single template, why does the world feature such different varied results to the simplest of sales asks? The ability to identify the right audience and engage them emotionally is a complicated process. FUEL VM’s success has been built on identifying our clients’ target audiences and curating brands around the desired goals. Quality brand development requires creative thinking integrated with field-tested tools. FUEL VM has run this playbook for over 15 years with some of the biggest – and smallest – organizations in the country.

Bottom line: brand is what THEY think about you; good organizations control that story.

Solution Areas:

Brand Strategy & Design
Managed Marketing Department
Corporate Identity Systems
Visual communications
Comprehensive Web Strategy
Point of Sale Design
Trade Show Design
Direct Response Campaigns (digital, physical)
Integrated Marketing Campaigns
Digital Marketing

Industry Experience / Roles:

Medical Device
Medical / healthcare
Software / SaaS
Broadcast / entertainment
Inside / outside Sales Outreach
Outsourced Marketing Department




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