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Stephanie Arne

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The Essentials

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Everything Is Connected.

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The Challenge

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Stephanie has what it takes to be a nationally recognized ‘celebrity’ in the fields of environmentalism, conservation and zoology. As the host of the MUTUAL OF OMAHA’s WILD KINGDOM Arne has a moderate level of exposure as an interesting voice. The credibility the show’s name invokes, was the key to her success.

The challenge was to create a platform to grow brand “Steph” into a stand-alone entity with credibility independent of Wild Kingdom.

The Client

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“I just spoke with some people from Nat Geo and BBC and they went out of their way to say, ‘Your website is VERY NICE! Very professional but also shows your fun and dynamic personality. Good job to your web designers.’

“Thank you, Team FuelVM, for seeing our vision through our eyes, feeling it, believing in it and us, and helping us turn our dreams into reality!”

Stephanie Arne

The Work

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