Demographics, data mining, lead generation, segmentation, data visualization, mapping, and more. FUEL VM has the analytical power you need to increase your sales footprint, identify qualified leads, and optimize your communication strategy in B-to-B and B-to-C environments. If knowledge is power, consider FUEL VM your light switch. What insights could help your business today? Think “big data” with FUEL VM.


Whether you’re looking to completely understand the composition of your target market or need to enhance your file to profile and segment your existing customer base, FUEL VM has the data and analytical skill you need. With over 1,700 demographic variables to use, FUEL VM can help you understand your total audience and how to best reach them to improve response and promote loyalty.


There are over 15 million businesses across the US and Canada and FUEL VM can help you target the best ones for your business. With 200+ variables available for targeting such as SIC/NAICS code, sales volume, contact title, years in business, and number of employees FUEL VM can take your competitive intelligence and lead qualification strategy to the next level.


In the B-to-C space, you can rely on FUEL VM to provide the insight necessary to make smarter market planning, site selection and customer decisions. Do you need to rank commercial centers based on retail expenditures? Could you use a report showing current and projected demand for specific items? Or how about a summary of annual estimates for retail goods spending within a ten-minute drive time around locations important to you? The possibilities are huge and FUEL VM has got you covered.


Can you identify your top tier customers and prospects? Are they categorized so you can take advantage of the latest communication trends? FUEL VM can help you create a comprehensive view of your customers based on shared demographic, geographic, lifestyle and behavioral traits and build custom target groups that can help inform and focus your efforts and drive everything from sales and marketing campaigns to smarter CRM strategies.


In the B-to-B space, FUEL VM has the location data you need to make smarter market planning decisions. Let us help you evaluate the competitive landscape, determine a site’s retail opportunity, identify best prospects for targeted marketing and estimate a new store’s sales potential. We have comprehensive business demographics on more than 15 million locations as well as data on major shopping centers, bank branch and ATM locations, traffic counts and more.


Whether using data internally or sharing it with the world, it is essential for every business to communicate complex ideas graphically with clarity, precision and efficiency. Data visualization is both an art and a science and that’s what makes FUEL VM better. Our whole-brain approach to marketing communication ensures that your business benefits from sophisticated analytics revealed by insightful graphics and maps that are beautiful and actionable.


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