Digital development IS the way business gets done now. Custom Application Development, Web Development and digital Marketing come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. FUEL VM leverages the best of all worlds for efficient, effective use of all these tools.


FUEL VM was born for the Web age. With a long track record of evolving with the technology, we are adept at mastering then passing these advantages on to our clients. Our understanding of user interface design – and experience – allows our technical solutions to truly shine. Our projects always put the user needs first. While being technology agnostic, we are big fans of WordPress and the incredible breadth and depth of solutions that can be developed rapidly. The ultimate goal is always purpose driven … so how does your current Web strategy stack up?



The best, most efficient solution can often be the one perfectly developed for your need. FUEL VM has developed custom, Web based solutions over the years that fit our clients’ tailored needs. Need a custom Wellness Directory with custom private reviews for captive insurance carriers? Need a custom membership set of tools to manage rates, status and billing for over a quarter million members? Need a custom academic publishing review process for decentralized peer review? We’ve brought all of these ideas to life.



Often our creative side works in a technical realm. Our knowledge of user interaction allows us to team with other development partners to provide a la carte User Interface design projects. We have worked with other development companies to help leverage our creative expertise to expand their technical reach.



SEO, SEM, Social media activation, email, content marketing, Web-only video production. The lines have blurred in what is marketing vs DIGITAL marketing. FUEL VM has all these bases covered for our clients. With comprehensive national level battles or smaller geolocated skirmishes, we have acted on behalf of our clients to succeed in all situations. The secret is not so much in the tactics, so much as the insight to know where to compete. What terms and audiences would you like to own?


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