One of the toughest situations we face is suggesting to a client that they re-brand a solvent business. The objections and obstacles are often viable points, but the logic to re-brand can involve some painful self-analysis for a company (if not some outright uncomfortable realizations). So why then should a company re-brand, here are several situations which would merit this step:

Your baby is ugly.
OK, no one wants to tell someone their baby is ugly, but if your current visual brand is awful, it would be disingenuous not to share those thoughts with a client. The point is not to have a prettier logo or a better looking Web site: the ultimate point is that in order to re-shape what your target audience thinks about you, we may need to burn your current efforts to the ground. It’s superficial to just consider the “pretty” factor without understanding WHY it all matters. Perception is reality. You can deny science, but it just makes your job harder.

Your business has changed.
What was your business when you started? Has it changed or evolved from when you first started (even slightly)? The smallest scope changes can have a profound effect on what target audiences think of you. An exaggerated example: did your business start out selling donuts – as “Ed’s Donuts” – but you added a full catering menu … yet you don’t understand why the general public only thinks of you as a donut shop? There’s no mystery here …

The business environment has changed.
In 1985, if you advertised yourself as a “VCR Repair Expert” you would have looked state of the art … in 2012, you might look a step slow in your business evolution. By notchanging, the dynamics of the business environment around you could have confused your customers and potential customers. The point is: even if you haven’t changed some factors are beyond your control which could directly impact your bottom line.

Your audience has changed.
Maybe you started your business selling athletic shoes to athletes, when suddenly certainly high school kids saw them as a fashion statement. Is your marketing geared toward speaking to athletes or average kids? These audiences’ hot buttons are totally different and this shift should change everything from marketing to product development to distribution.

To get different results, something has to change.
Here’s the one that is most obvious but often the most difficult to accept. In order to change or augment your sales SOMETHING must change. SOMETHING is either not working or is not working well enough today, so we must be open to breaking some eggs in order to enjoy that delicious omelette. One red flag in pitch meetings we will hear involves a client who has too many “sacred cows.” It’s not our job to step on the traditions that made your company great, but if internal personal opinions are holding back the company, it’s time for a “man in the mirror” moment.

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