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FuelVM is in the business to solve problems. Problems that rock-solid marketing can solve. What makes us different is that we get to know our clients. We work with them as partners and get to know the intangibles of their business – the things that make them successful and the things that are holding them back. This in-depth understanding is the key to our best work. As such, we don’t talk about ourselves much. But if you are interested in knowing who’s making the sausage, here’s the top line:

Andrew Curtis is our President – mostly because he founded FuelVM in 2003. An Indiana University grad many moons ago, Curtis cut his teeth in traditional ad agency settings in Chicago, Cincinnati and Indianapolis. While churning out traditional print & digital projects (during the Wild West-like rise of the Web) an idea started brewing: Why are we producing these projects if we don’t know exactly what we want them to accomplish? And thus the seeds of our “brand” were sewn. What started as a personal curiosity turned into a professional obsession thus leading to the birth of FuelVM. Curtis has worked within a diverse array of client industries: retail theme attraction, sports marketing, national sponsorship development, publishing, not-for-profits, several Christian organizations, financial institutions, theme parks, consumer goods, b-to-b, b-to-c … and even delving into the technical development of custom software user interface and mobile technology.

Geoff Wood is FuelVM’s technical lead and has been at the helm of our web and application development projects since 2004. With a keen eye for detail, Geoff is the vortex where technical expertise meets user interface implementation and target audience efficacy. Wood has over 20 years of application development experience in ColdFusion, ASP, PHP, open source content management systems and database administration.

Kristin Lichtenauer is our Chief Results Officer. She hails from the great prairies of Nebraska and is imbued with the pioneering spirit of her ancestors. It is simply in her DNA to get things done. Kristin’s strength is in strategic marketing planning, program management and operations. She has a unique ability to motivate teams to execute smart, effective marketing programs. With a unique resume that includes substantial agency and client-side leadership, she brings an exceptionally strong understanding of the complexity, opportunities and integration required to help businesses succeed. She has wide-ranging experience with both consumer and business-to-business brands and a proven track record with local, national and international brands. Her expertise includes launching new brands, reinvigorating mature brands and identifying and launching new revenue sources for clients.

Cassi Lowe is FuelVM’s creative lead. After graduating from Purdue’s Visual Communications program in 2006, Cassi spent nearly ten years in a variety of graphic design and internet marketing roles. From web and print design to branding and marketing, she brings a wide range of experience to the FuelVM team.

Martika Powe is our Graphic Designer and joined us in 2014 after cutting her teeth in the very competitive freelance market. She put herself through college as the caption of Lipscomb’s D1 soccer team. The skills she honed there – commitment, confidence, and competitive desire – are qualities that told us she wouldn’t stop until the work was right…oh yea, and the bachelor of arts makes her a pretty nice designer too.

One of FuelVM’s greatest strengths is creating partnerships with other providers that complement our expertise. These partnerships allow us to offer our clients a full range of marketing solutions.

OK, enough about us…please carry on…