Your brand is much more than a logo or website- it’s about connecting with your target audience. Developing that connection is an intricate and important process. How can you stand out in your industry? 

Our team has worked with clients from startups to established brands, so we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping you create a unique and effective strategy.

1) Research

Thorough research is the foundation of a successful brand positioning strategy. To help us best position your brand, we take the time to learn as much as possible about your industry and who’s driving growth in the current space. Our team of experienced strategists will carefully analyze your competition to identify their core strategies, uncovering areas where you can stand out and make an impact. We won't compromise on the level of detail or accuracy – our goal is to get you results.

2) Audience

Creating an effective brand connection with your target audience is essential for success. By developing audience personas, we can better understand your target customer and how they interact with your brand. By taking the time to create a detailed representation of your ideal customer, our team can accurately pinpoint the needs and behaviors of that specific demographic.

3) Strategy

After conducting industry research and identifying your target audience, we’ll curate a comprehensive brand strategy. Its fundamentals will include:
  • Business landscape: What’s the scope of our operation?
  • Branding Goals: Core identity and efforts.
  • Competitive/Peer Analysis: Who’s in your industry and how does their strategy match up?
  • Target Audiences: Who do you exist to serve? What’s their demographic or business profile?
  • Brand Identity Factors (External): Your external identity and promise to the public.
  • Brand Identity Factors (Internal): Core values, and who you are. High-level guidelines for your company.

4) Corp ID

Your corporate ID (more commonly known as a logo) is an essential part of developing and solidifying your brand's identity. A successful logo will be more than just a visual representation; it should also evoke the values and qualities that your business stands for. At its core, creating a corporate ID is about presenting your unique story in a visually compelling way that resonates with your customers. 

Ultimately, it’s about creating an emotional connection between them and your brand: one that goes beyond recognition and into lasting loyalty.

5) Brand Standards

Brand Standards not only ensure consistency across all platforms and media, but they also provide trust and credibility among new prospects. By having clear guidelines on how our company faces the public eye, we create a united position that is both approachable yet still informs the audience of who we are.

See it in action.

Check out a completed example of our Brand Development process.
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It’s one thing to say we’ve been helping organizations from every industry succeed for the past 20 years, but we’re visual people. Here are some portfolio examples of how we established effective brand strategy and elevated their industry presence.
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