Andrew Curtis
July 12, 2022

Data : Targeting the C-Suite

The C-Suite.

The most coveted of audiences for B2B marketers looking to engage the decision-makers who sign the checks. Often the most visible people at any firm, they also tend to be the most elusive, and reaching them could be considered an Olympic sport. Rarely will you ever be able to make a cold-call into the organization and expect to find any time on their calendar. Unsolicited mail is unlikely to get past their administrative assistant. And forget thinking that chance face-to-face meeting at an event is going to get you very far the next day.

To be successful, you need to be much savvier than all that.

Before you ever attempt to deliver a single word to a C-suite executive you must know why they need what you’re selling.

Not only do hard facts drive credibility, they also drive who YOU target and how to best reach them. Having a clear understanding what you want out of the conversation will determine who you should talk to. If, for example, you’re looking for partnerships to support a new venture, or new leaders to join your board of directors, then you most likely want to talk to presidents, founders and CEOs. If you’re looking to sell a product or service tailored to a specific unit within a business, then you’ll want executives who oversee those units (i.e. CFOs, CMOs, EVPs, SVPs). If you’re targeting smaller organizations keep in mind that the C-suite is likely serving as executive while being an active part of the production process.

Once you’ve identified your target audience, it’s critical that you invest the time to do the research and gather input if you want your story to be heard and respected. Know why they need what you’re sellingthen craft your message around it. Use content that “speaks” to the hurried nature of people with notoriously short attention spans who want solutions, not suggestions.

It’s no secret that business executives are relentlessly busy selling and defending decisions related to the companies they represent. No surprise they are focused almost entirely on outcomes and finding the clear path to value. Often networked to the hilt, the C-suite relies heavily on the advice and perspective on their peers and those they perceive to be authentic experts. They know what they need and don’t have time for “salesy” pitches, so craft your message with these tactics in mind:

  • Provide actionable and timely information
  • Summarize your ideas to quickly draw attention your value proposition
  • Take a multi-media approach to content delivery
  • Format your message across multiple screens
  • Target your audience through third-party publications in print and online

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