Digital Marketing Success Story

Put simply, what we do gets more people to your site, and more people buying your service. We have a proven track record with businesses similar to yours in the greater Indianapolis area. For the past 20 years we have mastered the art of increasing organic web traffic, optimizing paid traffic, and growing businesses like yours. Our team of experts has worked with clients from startups to established brands, so we have a wealth of knowledge for curating your unique and effective strategy.

The Challenge

L.D. Smith Plumbing started in a garage over 10 years ago with a focus on high quality plumbing services at a fair price without gimmicks. It wasn’t long before the company outgrew the garage, added employees and equipment, and became part of Indianapolis competitive plumbing services landscape. The company has earned a reputation to handle the big plumbing jobs such as excavations.

Even today they aren't among the 10 largest plumbing companies, but with our partnership they continue to rank top 5 in the most searched queries for people looking for plumbing. 

The Process

In today’s consumer market, you can only get so far without digital outreach and website optimization. Referrals dry out and you need a digital strategy to keep you competitive and continue to drive sales.

Fuel VM partnered with L.D. Smith Plumbing to create a foundation for digital outreach and continue to build on it. Prior to the partnership, the Indianapolis-based company focused its marketing efforts on referrals, social media, and subscription-based home services.


Part of the initial strategy involved:
  • Customizing SEO on the primary website
  • Creating landing pages and microsites to promote select services
  • Optimizing Google My Business
  • Updating meta descriptions
  • Updating primary website to reduce barriers for different buyer personas
  • Implementing a reputation management platform to increase customer reviews
While this worked wonders for them, every company needs a carefully curated plan to solve their unique problems. 


Following our initial strategy to set a foundation for SEO and reputation management, L.D. Smith Plumbing’s online presence improved quickly resulting in exponential growth in organic traffic, customer reviews, and conversions. L.D. Smith Plumbing’s Google ranking in popular key searches related to local plumbing services also improved. The digital marketing strategy has been one of the key pieces for its expanding footprint in Central Indiana.

Our digital marketing strategy continues to adapt to L.D. Smith Plumbing’s business patterns and needs which include short-term targeted email campaigns, geotargeting efforts and more.  
increase in daily organic web traffic over the span of 18 months.
increase in the size of the company.
increase in annual revenue over the course of 10 year partnership.


We are here to solve your problems and get your numbers up. Brand Standards not only ensure consistency across all platforms and media, but they also provide trust and credibility among new prospects. By having clear guidelines on how our company faces the public eye, we create a united position that is both approachable yet still informs the audience of who we are.

See it in action.

Check out a completed example of our Brand Development process.
Check it Out


It’s one thing to say we’ve been helping organizations from every industry succeed for the past 20 years, but we’re visual people. Here are some portfolio examples of how we established effective brand strategy and elevated their industry presence.
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