July 12, 2022

Rebranding a branding company?

FUEL VM has always celebrated our constant state of evolution. Over the past 15 years we have successfully adapted to the natural ebb and flow of clients, and more importantly the consistent need to stay on-top of the ever-tumultuous communications world for them.

One of the axioms in our own self-branding process has always been "change the brand when the audience changes." Suffice to say, in the world of FUEL VM, that day has come!

Recently, we opened a DATA PRACTICE to stand alongside our DIGITAL and CREATIVE solutions. Making the decision to jump in to DATA made perfect sense, as data-driven marketing is practically required for any business to thrive in today’s highly connected society. We added DATA to the metaphorical tip-of-the-spear, to give our clients the added dimension to move even closer to their customers while also rounding out FUEL VM’s service offering.

What does that mean to you?

To put it simply, when our clients need insights - be they market based, business based, or consumer based -- FUEL VM has a solution. We’ve added talent to our team who brings over 20 years of progressive experience in research and analytics that includes data modeling, data visualization, and the development of data-driven business communication strategies.

The cultural shift of adding and targeting new clients for the DATA PRACTICE had us reassess our own logo and design sensibility. We toyed with how best to balance our [now] three major areas of expertise with our ability to constantly change with our client’s needs. In our heads we asked: how can only one logo represent all of our personalities? The short answer was, it can’t. So we developed a whole new modular corporate identity system for FUEL VM.

This modular thinking gives us a visual freedom most larger companies can’t leverage … or bluntly, would want to attempt. FUEL VM is still everything you remember…but now there’s more. We followed our own advice. No major renovation. No big "secret." The company is still focused on high end marketing, branding, Web and communication tools, and now we offer a new DATA PRACTICE our clientele should expect.

So, how can we help your brand align better for your audience?

– Andrew


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