Shake up your social media calendar with minicast content

Audience preferences on social media change as quickly as the latest trend on Tic Toc. One challenge for most brands is keeping social media posts concise, engaging and consistent. That can be a hard task when you want to stand out among the competition and make sure your message is clear. A minicast, or short audio content, can be a solution to fill in those gaps on your social media calendar or add more informative con marketing trends show audio content is making a big comeback thanks to podcasts and music streaming.

Think podcast, but shorter
If you are nervous about getting in front of a camera for video posts or committing to a series of podcasts, a minicast is the next best thing. In fact, it’s one of the five top way to add audio to your marketing strategy. Minicasts are recorded conversations similar to a podcast, but shorter in length – 90 seconds are less. Minicasts are created into a blog post that includes the audio and transcript. Multiple graphics are created to promote the audio on social media, creating yet another opportunity to engage with your audience. Check out this recent minicast we created for Proxurve Solutions, an Indianapolis-based Managed Services Firm. This post focused on a recent news topic about cybersecurity, which gave President Troy Holwerda an opportunity to provide his insights about best practices.

Give your SEM a boost
Web traffic is critical for any brand. To boost traffic, you need clicks. How do you get more clicks? Content. By posting at least one minicast per month and sharing it on social media platforms, your website traffic is certain to grow. Imagine if you created two per month!

A consistent social media strategy is challenging for most companies, particularly smaller organizations or startups with limited staff and resources to dedicate to daily content. With social media as the primary source for news and information, it has to be a primary tool to engage with current and potential customers. Minicasts is a great tool to provide that burst of audio content that delivers the personal touch to your audience.

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